Veterinary medical services

Consultations and medical treatments in internal veterinary medicine

In the veterinary clinic Tazy Vet we can provide consultations and treatments for most of the diseases that your companions might develop.

The internal medicine is the largest branch of medicine, including all the disorders and syndromes of the internal organs. However, when practising, the clinician has to deal with a wider area of diseases. The branches of the internal medicine are: Cardiology, Pneumology, Gastroenterology (with Hepatology, Endocrinology and Diabetology) Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Hematology, and Oncology. back to titles

Abdominal ultrasound and veterinary echocardiography

Being non- invasive investigation methods, the ultrasound and the echocardiography offer valuable information about the structure and function of the internal organs and the chord.

The ultrasound is by far the most used imaging method of investigation. Compared to the the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) or to the common X-ray, the ultrasound provides many advantages: IT DOESN'T USE RADIATIONS, it can be done whenever needed, (even more times a day), it has low costs, and it can analyze the organ"while moving "(the cardiac functionality, the gastro-intestinal motility). With usage at the muscle-skeletal level as well, the ultrasound has proved itself to be a necessary investigation in many medical conditions. back to titles

Consultations, treatments and wellfare of exotic animals

Due to the fact that the exotic animals' microclimate and dietary requirments in their country of origin are usualy different from the ones in our country, the animals need special tending conditions.

In our clinic we can provide you with information about the living conditions you have to create for your little companion, the construction, location and organization of a terrarium, aquarium or of an aviary, we can offer you advice regarding food particularities for each species, as well as specialised veterinary medical attendance whenever needed. So, we are waiting for you to come with parakeets, nimfa parrots, Jako parrots, cameleons, tortoises, hamsters, Guinea pigs, iguanas etc. back to titles

Lab Tests

The biochemical blood tests offer information about the functionality of the internal organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.) and the hematological ones offer vital information about the organs involved in producing and recycling the red cells (hematites) and about the white cells (leucocytes).

This extremely large information area which can be obtained from a small blood sample imposes the necessity of the blood tests in most of the diseases and syndromes which occur in your pet's life. back to titles

General surgery, Abdominal surgery, Gastrology and Orthopedic surgery

Surgery with all its branches has specialized itself in treating the conditions through invasive methods intervening in the level of the body's injured structure.

The surgery and the additional branches deal with the improving of various types of fractures or muscle or joint trauma or try to improve various conditions of the internal organs (bladder stones, gull bladder stones, gastric torsion and dilatation, pyometra and many others). Our ward room is fully equipped for performing the vast majority of surgical interventions that a patient may need. back to titles

Veterinary dental care

In our clinic we can perform a wide range of dental interventions.

Tooth extractions, ultrasound tartar removal, dental cleanings and also the treatment of the alveodental affections are some of the problems that can be treated in our veterinary clinic. back to titles

Physiotherapy for dogs and cats

With the DuoterPlus unit we can perform physiotherapy for dogs using electrotherapy with diadynamic, interferential currents electro-stimulation with triangular and rectangular pulses, galvanic currents, Trabert, Kotz or Tens methods in more than 80 programs set by physiotherapy.

We can also perform laser therapy with the 150mW probe or with the infrared light probe that emits wave 820 nm long. The DuoterPlus unit is most frequently used for the treatment of: arthritis, arthrosis, spine bone spurs, spine trauma, a low degree herniated disc (which does not need surgical intervention), discopathies, degenerative joint diseases, muscular atrophy of immobilization, pain relief ( before and after a surgery), electro-stimulation, pains in rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis, pains in ankylosing spondylitis, improvement of peripheral circulation, bad fracture ossification at aging animals, acute and chronic inflammations. back to titles

Electronic identification, pet passports (EU)

According to the European regulations any pet that leaves the country has to be identifiable by a microchip which is located in the shoulder blade area and by a pet passport filled in and signed by your vet.

BE AWARE – that some countries in the European Union and outside it require your animal to be tested for various diseases or ask for an obligatory quarantine period. For finding out all this information you have to get into contact with ANSVSA. back to titles

Veterinary ambulance

Our ambulances are ready to face any emergency situations which may appear in your pets' life.

Having doctors specialized in emergency medicine and traumatology we are able to intervene promptly in any emergency situations or we can transport the animals to the clinic chosen by the owners. We also have a dog- taxi service available for those who wish to take their pets to the canine cosmetics, grooming or who want to let their companions in the kennel in our clinic. back to titles

Nutritional and behavioural counseling

It's very important to discuss with an animal doctor about the way you breed and take care of your pet. In this way you can find out a lot of important information.

"What does a puppy eat?" "What about a kitten?" "What vitamins does my puppy need?" "How does a bitch in the heat period react?" "What about a dog?". These questions and many others are normal questions for someone who has a new member in the family. The right answers given by a vet can maintain your pets' health so that you might visit us more rarely besides the annual vaccination. back to titles

Dog and cat grooming

In order to meet the needs of dog and long haired cat owners, our clinic offers dog and cat grooming and trimming services. Dogs can be bathed, dried, trimmed. At the same time with the coat cleaning, ears can also be cleaned, nails can be clipped and trimmed and anal glands can be expressed.

Your dogs and cats can aquire a new look, a more beautiful and interesting one. Regular dog and cat grooming can also bring extra confort and hygiene to the animal and a cleaner house to the owner. By a regular grooming, problems such as excessive moulting, skin and paw affections can be prevented or other conditions, which might pass unnoticed, can be spotted. We also recommend animals' regular haircut to the long haired cat owners who also have small children. back to titles

You can benefit from all these services and many others at the non-stop veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - 74 Iosif Albu Street, sector 3 (Balta Alba / Titan area, behind the hypermarket Auchan, see map).