Physiotherapy for dogs and cats

This facility has been created in our clinic for helping animals with various neurological and locomotor problems.

The veterinary clinic Tazy Vet has as patients a large number of senior dogs with locomotor deficiencies due to joint degenerations caused by an old age. Thus, for reaching their necessities, we have equipped our clinic with an electrotherapy and laser therapy unit veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - the physiotherapy unit DuoterPlus with very good results in neurological and locomotor problems.

Physiotherapy (through laser therapy and electrotherapy) can be used in the severe neuro-locomotor disorders caused by sudden movements. It can also be used in chronic conditions such as arthrosis , degenerative joint diseases, osteophytes (bone spurs) and also in chronic conditions with an acute pain.

Very big dogs (over 25 kilos), due to their weight and physical effort, when reaching a certain age can develop osteophytes (bone spurs), severe nerve compression, intervertebral disc degeneration and bad ossification. These conditions are associated with pain leading to leg numbness and disability and incoordination of the hind legs.

This service, associated with the medical treatment, can considerably improve your dog's quality life. In certain situations such as severe lumbar herniated disc with severe nerve compression, physiotherapy can help only after a surgical intervention.

With the DuoterPlus unit you can perform the following types of physiotherapy for dogs and cats:

The DuoterPlus unit is most frequently used for the treatment of:

Laser probes enable the treatment and healing of:

In the near future we will show you some dogs' situations, their severe medical conditions and the evolution after the treatment with physiotherapy.

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