The partners of our non-stop veterinary clinic

We kindly thank to those who helped us, partners or sponsors, and also to those we have been collaborating so far. Our clinic recommends them as being professionals in their domain:

  1. The community of animal lovers:
  2. Dog training:
  3. Horseback riding lessons:
  4. Dog walking and pet sitting services:
  5. Vet pharmacy and pet shop in Baba Novac-Dristor area:
  6. Children creativity and personality development:
  7. Equipment for purifying drinking water:
  8. Professional photographer Razvan Danaila: phone
  9. Elements of traffic security:
  10. Personalized furniture:
  11. Floor heating systems:
  12. Dentist:

To establish new partnerships, please contact us at the veterinary clinic Tazy Vet, Iosif Albu street no. 74, Bucuresti, sector 3, Titan / Balta Alba, behind Auchan supermarket (see map), or by phone at 021.345.34.59, 0758.10.90.06.