Veterinary equipment and facilities

In order to provide best quality medical services, our clinic is equipped with high standard quality veterinary medical devices:

"Reflovet Plus" unit for biochemistry blood tests

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - Reflovet Plus unit for biochemistry blood tests

Being one of the best devices that assesses the biochemical blood profile, "Reflovet Plus" provides fast and concise results for our patients.

On the basis of the "dry biochemistry" system the device is in such a way designed as to eliminate human fault and its results are fast and exact. "Reflovet Plus" is a very flexible analyzer; the tests can be done from integral blood, serum or plasma. For all these reasons this unit helps the doctors in our clinic in making a right diagnosis and also in giving efficient treatments. It is also very useful in analyzing the patients' health condition that are about to suffer a surgical intervention.

Ultrasound "Aquila"

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - ultrasound Aquila

The ultrasound "Aquila" from Esaote (Philips medical division) is one of the first choices when it comes to veterinary medicine.

Dedicated exclusively to the veterinary medicine practice this device provides images of high fidelity of the tissues examined and it offers to our clinic the possibility to perform a large area of measurements and investigations in: obstetrics and gynaecology, neonatology, urology, internal medicine and also emergency medicine, cardiology and orthopedy.

The electrotherapy and laser therapy unit "DuoterPlus"

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - the electrotherapy and laser therapy unit DuoterPlus

We utilize this latest generation appliance to perform physiotherapy for dogs using electrotherapy and laser therapy.

The physiotherapy equipment "DuoterPlus" uses interferential currents: dynamic, static, diadynamic and other sorts of currents generally utilized in the treatment of acute joint problems, chronic or degenerative, spine problems, peripheral circulation problems and pain relief. With the 150mW and 820nm probe (laser of low intensity and of deep effect) we can treat a lot of disorders such as acute and chronic joint inflammations, muscle problems, rheumatoid problems, tendonitis, bursitis, coxarthrosis, and pain relief.

The surgical unit "Maravet 150W"

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - the surgical unit Maravet

This unit is a very complex device used in surgery. It is of real help in the minor surgical interventions but it also proves itself to be an indispensable device in the most complicated interventions such as the very vascularized tumoural formations.

Using the PURE CUT module we can perform delicate incisions, by the BLENDED CUT module incisions can be done in the same time with the coagulation process and using the CONTACT COAG module we can obtain the coagulation of the small and medium vessels in the contact area. The SPRAY COAG module performs the immediate clotting of the multiple capillaries, and by using the BIPOLAR COAG we can obtain the bipolar and micro bipolar coagulation. The unit is also equipped with an active protective system against overheating, power failure and the NEMSY system (Neutral Electrode Monitoring System) which enhances the patients' security.

Veterinary Surgery Ward

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - surgery Lamp

Our surgery room is equipped with everything needed for performing surgeries from the easiest ones to those in emergency regime.

Neutering, trauma which require major surgical interventions, gastric torsions, foreign objects or fractures can be immediately remedied in the veterinary clinic Tazy Vet by our team of specialists.

Veterinary Inhalatory Anesthesia

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - veterinary equipment for inhalatory anesthesia

It is well known that for veterinary surgeries, as well as for other medical interventions, the animal has to be anesthetized. The most common, the easiest and the most economical anesthesia is the classical one, the intravenous anesthesia. However, lately, the inhalatory anesthesia has rapidly become a pertinent solution in the veterinary domain.

The inhalatory anesthesia is to be preferred to the classical, intravenous one. Firstly, because the active substance is not metabolised by the body but it is removed from the body via the lungs (it is evaporated through breath). Secondly, dosing the anesthetic can be done much better and more precisely, the inducted anesthesia is more profound and the recovery is faster. The inhalatory anesthesia is indicated especially in the surgeries of the animal patients with metabolic diseases (renal and hepatic failure), for the senior patients and in surgeries that take a long time to be performed. We also recommend the pre surgical cardiac consult and hematological and biochemical lab tests.

This type of anesthesia is also very useful for the surgeries of exotic animals (budgies, parrots, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs etc).

Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - veterinary Pulse Oximeter device

In the veterinary clinic Tazy Vet the doctors use the veterinary Pulse Oximeter Mindray PM-60 for monitoring the animal patients, especially dogs and cats.

Determining the oxygen saturation and the heart rate provide vital information that doctors need not only during the anesthesia (the intravenous one or the inhalatory anesthesia with insofluran) but also with patients that reach our clinic in an emergency situation after a politraumatism or an intoxication.

The Pulse Oximeter device has proven itself to be a vital component in monitoring the patients in a proper time, especially in our veterinary surgeries.

"Blue Tech" ultrasound tartar removal unit

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - Blue Tech ultrasound tartar removal unit

This appliance is an indispensable device in the oral hygiene at dogs and cats.

It's a very well- known fact that lack of tooth brushing leads to tartar deposit. Easy to be used and with a proven efficiency, "Blue Tech" unit removes the tartar from the teeth without injuring your pet's gums.

"Premiere" microscope

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - Premiere microscope

The "Premiere" microscope with cold light (halogen) allows the doctors in our clinic to perform a large area of tests.

Microscopic skin tests, hair and skin scrapings for identifying various fungus and parasites, microscopic blood tests for identifying various blood parasites (babesiosis, hemobartonella, dirofilaria, leptospira etc.) and many other tests can be performed in our clinic due to this microscope.

Veterinary ambulance

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - the veterinary ambulance

The veterinary ambulance is fully equipped to deal with the most delicate emergency situations and can also provide specialized medical assistance.

Animal doctors with a vast emergency experience can offer their patients the care they need in emergency situations. We can also perform ultrasounds at the animals' home or ambulatory consultations and treatments.

Dog grooming salon

veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - grooming room

Together with our specialists in hygienic care and grooming we can provide all the services of a high-class beauty parlour.

By calling in advance and making an appointment we can offer you all the services needed: bathing, hair removal, stripping, grooming. When needed we can provide special grooming for dog shows or any other competitions.

We wait for you at the non-stop veterinary clinic Tazy Vet - 74 Iosif Albu Street, sector 3 (Balta Alba / Titan area, behind the Auchan hypermarket, see map).